Country: GA (Gabon)

Google Analytics Country Code: GA

GA is the Country Code for Gabon

Status: Active as of June 17th, 2021

The Country Dimension

Country is a dimension in Google Analytics under the Audience > Geo section.

The Country Code is derived from the ISO-3166-1 alpha-2 code defined by the International Organization for Standardization. A users' country is derived from their IP addresses or Geographical IDs.

Region IDs in Gabon

Province IDs in Gabon

9075522 (Ogooue-Ivindo)
9075523 (Ogooue-Maritime)
9075524 (Ngounie)
9075525 (Haut-Ogooue)
9075526 (Nyanga)
9075527 (Woleu-Ntem)
9075528 (Moyen-Ogooue)
9075529 (Ogooue-Lolo)
9075530 (Estuaire)