Country: PA (Panama)

Google Analytics Country Code: PA

PA is the Country Code for Panama

Status: Active as of June 17th, 2021

The Country Dimension

Country is a dimension in Google Analytics under the Audience > Geo section.

The Country Code is derived from the ISO-3166-1 alpha-2 code defined by the International Organization for Standardization. A users' country is derived from their IP addresses or Geographical IDs.

Region IDs in Panama

Province IDs in Panama

9069740 (Bocas del Toro Province)
9069741 (Chiriqui Province)
9069742 (Veraguas Province)
9069743 (Herrera Province)
9069744 (Colon Province)
9069745 (Guna Yala Comarca)
9069747 (Darien Province)
9069749 (Cocle Province)
9069750 (Los Santos Province)
9069751 (Panama)

Region IDs in Panama

9069746 (Ngabe-Bugle Comarca)
9069748 (Embera-Wounaan Comarca)
9073177 (Pearl Islands)