Country: MK (North Macedonia)

Google Analytics Country Code: MK

MK is the Country Code for North Macedonia

Status: Active as of June 17th, 2021

The Country Dimension

Country is a dimension in Google Analytics under the Audience > Geo section.

The Country Code is derived from the ISO-3166-1 alpha-2 code defined by the International Organization for Standardization. A users' country is derived from their IP addresses or Geographical IDs.

Region IDs in North Macedonia

Municipality IDs in North Macedonia

9075712 (Municipality of Karbinci)
9075713 (Municipality of Ilinden)
9075714 (Municipality of Zelino)
9075715 (Municipality of Probistip)
9075716 (Municipality of Berovo)
9075717 (Municipality of Prilep)
9075718 (Municipality of Gevgelija)
9075719 (Municipality of Tearce)
9075720 (Municipality of Kavadarci)
9075721 (Municipality of Zelenikovo)
9075722 (Municipality of Caska)
9075723 (Municipality of Makedonski Brod)
9075724 (Municipality of Staro Nagorichane)
9075725 (Municipality of Krivogastani)
9075726 (Municipality of Bogovinje)
9075727 (Municipality of Veles)
9075728 (Municipality of Centar Zupa)
9075729 (Municipality of Struga)
9075730 (Municipality of Negotino)
9075731 (Municipality of Cesinovo-Oblesevo)
9075732 (Municipality of Cucer-Sandevo)
9075733 (Municipality of Rosoman)
9075734 (Municipality of Studenicani)
9075735 (Municipality of Bitola)
9075736 (Municipality of Vinica)
9075737 (Municipality of Kumanovo)
9075738 (Municipality of Jegunovce)
9075739 (Municipality of Resen)
9075740 (Municipality of Debar)
9075741 (Municipality of Stip)
9075742 (Municipality of Lipkovo)
9075743 (Municipality of Bogdanci)
9075744 (Municipality of Debarca)
9075745 (Municipality of Kratovo)
9075746 (Municipality of Dolneni)
9075747 (Municipality of Demir Hisar)
9075748 (Municipality of Mogila)
9075749 (Municipality of Sveti Nikole)
9075750 (Municipality of Lozovo)
9075751 (Municipality of Novo Selo)
9075752 (Municipality of Dojran)
9075753 (Municipality of Strumitsa)
9075754 (Municipality of Aracinovo)
9075755 (Municipality of Sopiste)
9075756 (Municipality of Radovis)
9075757 (Municipality of Novaci)
9075758 (Municipality of Kocani)
9075759 (Municipality of Pehcevo)
9075760 (Municipality of Bosilovo)
9075761 (Municipality of Kriva Palanka)
9075762 (Municipality of Petrovec)
9075763 (Municipality of Krusevo)
9075764 (Municipality of Brvenica)
9075765 (Municipality of Makedonska Kamenica)
9075766 (Municipality of Tetovo)
9075767 (Municipality of Delcevo)
9075768 (Municipality of Gostivar)
9075769 (Municipality of Vasilevo)
9075770 (Municipality of Mavrovo and Rostusa)
9075771 (Municipality of Valandovo)
9075772 (Municipality of Demir Kapija)
9075773 (Municipality of Vrapciste)
9075774 (Municipality of Rankovce)
9075775 (Municipality of Ohrid)
9075776 (Municipality of Gradsko)