Country: EG (Egypt)

Google Analytics Country Code: EG

EG is the Country Code for Egypt

Status: Active as of June 17th, 2021

The Country Dimension

Country is a dimension in Google Analytics under the Audience > Geo section.

The Country Code is derived from the ISO-3166-1 alpha-2 code defined by the International Organization for Standardization. A users' country is derived from their IP addresses or Geographical IDs.

Region IDs in Egypt

Governorate IDs in Egypt

21458 (Dakahlia Governorate)
21459 (Red Sea Governorate)
21460 (El Beheira Governorate)
21461 (Faiyum Governorate)
21462 (Gharbia Governorate)
21463 (Alexandria Governorate)
21464 (Ismailia Governorate)
21465 (Giza Governorate)
21466 (Menofia Governorate)
21467 (Menia Governorate)
21468 (Cairo Governorate)
21469 (Al Qalyubia Governorate)
21470 (Luxor Governorate)
21472 (New Valley Governorate)
21473 (Suez Governorate)
21474 (Ash Sharqia Governorate)
21475 (Aswan Governorate)
21476 (Assiut Governorate)
21477 (Beni Suef Governorate)
21478 (Port Said Governorate)
21479 (Damietta Governorate)
21480 (South Sinai Governorate)
21481 (Kafr El Sheikh Governorate)
21482 (Matrouh Governorate)
21483 (Qena Governorate)
21484 (North Sinai Governorate)
21485 (Sohag Governorate)